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Change Your Mind, Change Your Life - With Alexis From Glamifest

September 23, 2020

If you want to have dramatic results in your life, then your mindset has to change if you want this to happen! One of the most powerful tools that many successful people are aware of and utilize is the Law of Attraction. So why wouldn’t you use it as well to accelerate your results? 

This topic has been highly requested from you ladies, so I decided to bring on my friend and law of attraction expert Alexis from Glamifest! 

We will be talking about the power of the right mindset, what happens when you remain stuck in your narrative, and some chit chat about Curacao, where Alexis is originally from.

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What happens next? 

Hop over to discuss this week’s episode. I want to hear about your law of attraction success or pieces of evidence that have happened in your life? Share with us ladies, and inspire us to keep our momentum on this journey!


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